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The Only Three Discipline Strategies You Will Ever Need

Yes, there are only 3 discipline strategies you will ever need. They will help you…

  • Eliminate whining, back talk, and procrastination.
  • Gain cooperation without nagging or yelling.
  • Hold children accountable without wounding their spirit.
  • Communicate anger in a respectful way.
  • Design consequences that are reasonable, respectful, and related to the misbehavior.

The three skill-based strategies presented in this seminar are The One-Minute Behavior Modifier, The Dynamic Discipline Equation, and The Positive Anger Explosion. They are practical techniques that parents and teachers can put to use immediately.

Transforming Aggression in Children

Are you ready to put an end to angry and aggressive behavior in your home? Are you unsure of what to do next to stop the hitting and kicking from your angry child? If so, then you need the 5 essential tips for dealing with anger, the 3 critical rules to follow when children are in the midst of aggression and the keys to knowing when to remove a child from the environment. Get ready for one power packed evening that gives you everything you need to know to stop aggression now and transform it into respect and responsibility.

The 6 Best Parenting Strategies You’ll Ever Need

In this session you will be given exactly what you need to get your kids to behave? No more reading through page after page of the latest parent books to finally get to a strategy that works? Your search is over. In just ONE EVENING you receive the six most valuable, effective, and practical parenting strategies you’ll ever need. Schedule this power packed evening full of techniques and skills that will turn your children into responsible, caring, confident beings.

Creating a Culture of Accountability in Your Family

Parents everywhere agree that holding children accountable is one of the most loving things they can do for their children. Parents also agree that creating accountability that uplifts a child’s spirit and builds self-esteem is often difficult. This session removes that difficulty by teaching parents how to implement consequences consistently and allow children to experience the related, respectful, reality-based consequences that flow from their actions. Parents learn the responsibility equation for holding children accountable and how to establish a culture of accountability in their family with gentleness and love.


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