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Thomas Haller Video Clips

7 Key Components of Consent


From Hip Replacement to Triathlon



Parenting Tip of the Week for TV-25

Thomas gives weekly parenting tips on Bay City television. Click the links below to play the videos. Each video is about 2.5 minutes long and 5 Mb in size.

Winning the Whining Wars

Talking Like a Winner

A new perspective on Giving Thanks

Teaching the Charity Habit

Empowering children

The Christmas Question

How to answer the Santa Claus Question

Keeping Score in Sports

How to Handle Kids When They Beg

The Danger in Using Stars and Sticker Charts

How to Get Kids to Do Homework

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Getting Your Kids Ready For School

When Your Child Says, “It’s Not Fair”

When You're Locked in a Power Struggle with Your Child

Are You Raising A Praise Junkie?

How to Handle Your Anger with the Positive Anger Explosion

Test Your Parenting with the Four Question Challenge

The "Don’t" Alternative

The "I Can’t" Anecdote

The “No” Replacement

Listen To Your Tone

Remove Parenting Stress by Seeing It All as Perfect


Thomas' "Parenting Professor" on YouTube!

Thomas answers seventeen common parenting questions on his YouTube site as the Parenting Professor!

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