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About Healing Acres

Healing Acres BarnHealing Acres, established in 2002, is a retirement facility for horses to expand quality treatment of horses through education, community outreach, and personal example. It is a place where adults and children have found pleasure, joy, sadness, healing, and a sense of purpose through providing attention and care to unwanted horses. It is a place where older horses can receive the tender love and care they so richly deserve after years of devoted service.

Healing Acres is currently a small sheltering haven for unwanted horses. During its brief existence, ten horses have already known the green pastures and winter snows of the 15 acre spread in Bay City, Michigan. Staffed by volunteers, this facility includes a 3 stall barn, walk out shelter, and riding ring for exercising the animals. It provides the basics of elder horse care, preventative and attentive care, a low stress atmosphere, congenial social arrangement, adequate shelter, and good nutrition.

Healing Acres Equine Retirement Ranch, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) federal tax-exempt organization, identification number 31309.


Our Goals:


For more information please visit Healing acres website at www.healingacres.com.




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